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Bella Bella Cotton Bella Line CitoNet Bella Baby Happy Dr Max Kanion Matopat No 1 Eva Seni Szpital Matopat Tricomed Europejskie Centrum Opieki Długoterminowej Optus
  • Bella "best fit for perfect woman" Hygienic solutions in modern products for women who value high quality Under Bella brand we offer a wide range of products: sanitary pads, panty liners, tampons and cosmetics for intimate hygiene. Bella is still evolving, and for many years has been a synonymous of confidence, comfort and safety. It changes itself just like women through the years - their tastes, ... » skip to the brand's site
  • Bella Cotton "for a clean and happy family" Wide variety of natural cotton products for medical, cosmetic and hygienic purposes. These days, the importance of skin care is becoming more and more significant. We come forward to meet the needs of our beloved Customers with pure cotton, chlorine free solutions for their whole families. Those products with their natural origin and high quality confirmed by many tests of ... » skip to the brand's site
  • CitoNet "we recommend in good conscience" CitoNet Service Centres specialize in the processes of sterilization, washing, leasing surgical instruments, operating clothing and bed linen. CitoNet is a brand of services provided by the CitoNet Service Centres, directed to the medical facilities - hospitals, clinics and medical practices as well as to beauty salons.For more than 10 years CitoNet has been helping its Clients to implement modern solutions in the field of surgical ... » skip to the brand's site
  • Bella Baby Happy "with you from the very first moments" Every baby and child is the little bundle of joy and needs so much caring for... We are here to back up! First moments at home with your newborn baby. For you both it is a miraculous time when you learn how to love and trust each other. However, at the start of this brandly new route many questions and uncertainties may appear in mother’s head! It’s quite understandable. Happy brand is with you ... » skip to the brand's site
  • Dr Max "clean and shine " Household chemistry products with carefully selected, envioronmentally friendly and natural recipes Dr. Max brand has been in our offer for several years. In a short time this brand succeeded to gain a recognition for its high quality among customers all over Europe.The offer consists of  household cleaners like dishwashing liquids, window cleaners, toilet gels, multipurpose cleaners, scouring ... » skip to the brand's site
  • Kanion "the challenge for the explorer " Men care collection Under the name Kanion you can find two lines of perfumery and care products for men: Black and Silver, distinguished by unique fragrances and properties. Adjusted to requirements of a man at every age, with various skin types and different needs. Wide range of products makes every line ... » skip to the brand's site
  • Matopat "we care about the safety " Wide range of medical products. Wound dressings and compression systems Traditional methods of wound care that stress the need of clearing out of exudations, providing cleanliness and preventing infections are recommended for dressing of small wounds, cuts, abrasions and clean surgical wounds. Implantation There are two ... » skip to the brand's site
  • Bella No 1 "for home and family" Paper products for home. Under the brand Bella No1 we offer a wide range of practical and modern hygienic paper products for the whole family. Extra soft formula of our delicate tissues is a guarantee of lack of skin irritation. From Bella No1 product range which includes soft, delicate handkerchiefs, paper napkins in 6 ... » skip to the brand's site
  • Seni "every-day comfort " High absorption, premium quality, full protection and dry sensation in one modern solution - for people with different level of incontinence. Deriving from our parent company - TZMO SA, knowing the root of the problem which requires special concern, we offer the highest quality wide range of products for people with incontinence. SENI brand is developing dynamically worldwide along with increasing awareness of this senstive matter and ... » skip to the brand's site
  • Matopat Hospital "heal without fear" The highest quality medical services performed by highly qualified staff using modern equipment. Comfortable conditions of stay of patients. The MATOPAT Clinic has became a very important place on medical map of the region. Since the beginning of the Clinic, whole staff try to provide patients the newest ways of treatment and comfortable care standards. The commitment of well educated and expirenced doctors, nurses and modwives causes ... » skip to the brand's site
  • European Centre for Long-Term Care "thinking about a man " Post-secondary school for Medical Carers and wide educational offer for medical and caring personnel. The main objectives of ECOD are: • to rise a level of knowledge and skills of people who are professionally involved in health care • to popularize the pro-health approach and health prevention • to integrate disabled people with the society with common acceptance and respect. » skip to the brand's site
  • Long-Term Care Centre Seni NZOZ "under good care " Professional care for dependent persons in their homes and family consultation. The Centre helps people who are mentally or phisically handicaped, older, not self-reliant or lonely offering professional care and help provided by nurses, doctors, rehabilitators, psychotherapists and therapists. The offer of care and help is very wide and adjusted to patient's personal needs. ... » skip to the brand's site
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