Dr Max

Dr Max

"clean and shine "

Household chemistry products with carefully selected, envioronmentally friendly and natural recipes

Dr. Max brand has been in our offer for several years. In a short time this brand succeeded to gain a recognition for its high quality among customers all over Europe.The offer consists of  household cleaners like dishwashing liquids, window cleaners, toilet gels, multipurpose cleaners, scouring powders, washing liquid and hand paste. Among this products one can surely find a perfect match for the house. This recognizable, outstanding offer will make you want to stay with Dr Max once you reach for it. The exceptional quality provided by Dr Max will bind you and your house with us for good.

our products

  • max_2002.jpg
    The beginnings
    The beginnings of the Dr Max brand offering WC gel, scouring powder, diswashing  liquids, window cleaners and multipurpose cleaners.
  • max_2003.JPG
    New wild strawberry diswashing
    Introduction of new wild strawberry diswashing liquid and washing liquid by Dr Max.
  • max_2007.jpg
    Antifog and Shine Effect
    The Dr Max range includes two specialist products Antifog Effect and Shine Effect for cleaning glass surfaces.
  • max_2010.jpg
    dr Max Sehr gut
    The launch of a Dr Max Sehr Gut line which combines attractive packages with highest quality.

our offer

  • Dr Max New Dr Max Professional - household chemical products for the institutional market
  • Dr Max Sehr Gut - higher quality household chemical products
  • Dr Max Economy - household chemical products in economic version

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Our products we sell in over 60 markets: in the European Union, in Central and East Europe, in Africa and in Far East