Bella No 1
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Bella No 1

"for home and family"

Paper products for home.

Under the brand Bella No1 we offer a wide range of practical and modern hygienic paper products for the whole family. Extra soft formula of our delicate tissues is a guarantee of lack of skin irritation. From Bella No1 product range which includes soft, delicate handkerchiefs, paper napkins in 6 colors, absorbent paper towels and Karo toilet paper - we have chosen paper tissues to satisfy Indian Client needs.

our products

  • papier_1995_1.jpg
    The beginnings of No1
    Paper products Bella No 1 are launched. The range includes cosmetic tissues and universal tissues in standard and pocket-pack packages. In 1996 Bella No 1 hygienic tissues are introduced becoming one of the most popular and trusted products from the Bella No 1 brand.
  • papier_1996_1.jpg
    Bella No1 Karo
    Soft and delicate toilet paper Bella No 1 Karo along with kitchen towels Karo broaden the offer.
  • papier_1997_1.jpg
    Bella No1 brand
    The ongoing development of the offer results in the introduction of toilet paper and paper towels under the Bella No1 brand. High quality of the products wins customers’ trust.
  • papier_2003_1.jpg
    The tourist and glass tissues
    Bella tourist and glass tissues are introduced. They come in handy at work or while on the go.
  • papier_2005_1.jpg
    Specially for a child
    For our youngest customers we offer Bella Baby Happy tissues in packages with colourful animal graphics that stimulate the child’s imagination. Available in two types of packages: standard and pocket pack, specially sized for a child’s pocket.
  • papier_2010_1.jpg
    New package
    The Bella No 1 and Bella Baby Happy line of universal tissues is refreshed. New attractive package designs in various sizes meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.

our offer

  • Bella No 1 paper tissues in a box

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Our products we sell in over 60 markets: in the European Union, in Central and East Europe, in Africa and in Far East